Back ups

Dedicated servers securely storing your data 24/7, so you don’t need to worry


IT Support

You’ll find a completely customisable IT solution bespoke to your business



Flexible and scalable IT infrastructures using the latest Microsoft technology

Supporting Yorkshire Businesses

We are the no nonsense IT people, providing IT support services to businesses throughout West Yorkshire. At Scarlat Logitech we take a proactive approach offering best-practice industry advice, whilst ensuring we find a solution that helps your business run more efficiently and smoothly. We care about how you use your technology to support your business.

One of West Yorkshire’s leading providers of Microsoft-based solutions and Internet technology.

Our IT Support Features include:

  • Professional & friendly service
  • Fast & efficient service
  • Secure – We take care of your data & privacy
  • Honest impartial advice

Would you like a free IT system review?

At Scarlat Logitech we provide a complete IT system review. We’ll provide you with honest and professional industry advice so you understand exactly how you can develop your set up


Back up services

Losing even weeks worth of data can be devastating to any business and can cost you hundreds, even thousands of pounds!

With the online backup service from Scarlat Logitech Backup, your daily data backup is fully automated. Every day your data will be stored safely in a secure off site data-centre from where you can access your data backup 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for 365 days per year.

You are only a few minutes away from a secure, simple and reliable backup solution!

We have dedicated servers securely storing your data 24/7, so in an emergency we can help you restore everything you’ve lost. We hope you’ll never need your backup, but if you do, we’ll make sure that restoring your business to normal working order is as smooth a process as possible.


In this crazy world of IT, it’s good to have IT backup you can count on!


Ian has always provided great prompt service to all my IT needs. I happily recommend you to give Ian a try to assist with all your IT needs!

Peter Worth JP

Redbeck Motel