IT Support

IT Support

When things go wrong, you need them fixed first time, quickly and correctly. At Scarlat Logitech that’s exactly what we do.


Back ups

Dedicated servers securely storing your data 24/7, so you don’t need to worry


IT Support

You’ll find a completely customisable IT solution bespoke to your business



Flexible and scalable IT infrastructures using the latest Microsoft technology

Reliable & Efficient

We operate as your Virtual IT department, or as a back up to your existing IT Staff, enabling you to relax in the knowledge that our experienced engineers are there whenever you need them, round the clock.

Whatever help you need, you’ll find a completely customisable solution, from software and infrastructure support to speed up your efficiency, through to full technical support and consultancy you can call on at any time.

Do you want to know how Scarlat Logitech can help?


Service at Scarlat Logitech

Our support package ensures that we are not only responding to user requests but on a day-by-day basis effectively managing your IT infrastructure, ensuring that it continues to perform. Knowing that someone dependable is solving your IT Problems before they affect your business frees up your time, streamlines your processes and improves your own customer service.

We work with you, not ‘for’ you. We act as your virtual IT department – an extension of your business rather than a separate third-party entity.

Our IT Support Features include:

  • Professional & Friendly service
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Secure – We take care of your data and privacy
  • Honest impartial advice

Case Study


Visual Effects Conservatories


Scarlat Logitech were contacted by Visual Effects Conservatories to review their current IT infrastructure. They had an old dilapidated server and system that hadn’t been maintained in a number of years which was causing frustration to both staff and customers.

The operating system on the server was 7 years out of date and was struggling to support the day to day running of the business. Also, there were no backups in place putting them in a vulnerable position if anything was to happen to their infrastructure.


As part of the project Scarlat Logitech installed and commissioned a new server for Visual Effects Conservatories and set up automatic back up in place to an off-site solution. We ensured all PCs were tuned and connected correctly to the central server so everyone in the office could connect easily.

We then used a phased approach to upgrading existing PCs and hardware to help business with cash flow over a two-year period. Throughout the project we worked in partnership with the team at Visual Effects Conservatories to ensure minimum disruption to their business.


In this crazy world of IT, it’s good to have IT backup you can count on!


Ian has always provided great prompt service to all my IT needs. I happily recommend you to give Ian a try to assist with all your IT needs!

Peter Worth JP

Redbeck Motel