Scarlat Logitech specialises in building flexible and scalable IT infrastructures using the latest Microsoft technology. Each network infrastructure is designed to enhance work productivity and grow with any business over the coming years.


Back ups

Dedicated servers securely storing your data 24/7, so you don’t need to worry


IT Support

You’ll find a completely customisable IT solution bespoke to your business



Flexible and scalable IT infrastructures using the latest Microsoft technology

How Scarlat Logitech can help

We specialise in designing and implementing IT networks for organisations across West Yorkshire, we provide tailored solutions for local and wide area networks, wireless networking and mobile computing to meet your needs and budget. At Scarlat Logitech we’ve gained an excellent track-record in delivering reliable and cost-effective IT networks that keep businesses running smoothly.

How Scarlat Logitech can help with networking

Using the right technology

Your business is only as fast, reliable and connected as your network. But your network needs has to be able adapt to your business needs. At Scarlat Logitech all of our solutions utilise leading edge technology from major manufacturers such as Cisco, Draytek and Sophos, as well as combining the latest networking advancements such as broadband and wireless networking.

Scarlat Logitech will provide you with the solution and management tools to ensure your network is secure, resilient and able to quickly accommodate growth.


At Scarlat Logitech we can support you with:

  • Flexible network solutions to meet your growing business needs
  • Computer network design and installation
  • Network security and backup setup

Case Study


Metalcraft Europe Ltd


Metalcraft Europe Ltd approached Scarlat Logitech to oversee a new networking infrastructure across their 5 sub companies; Metalcraft Developments, Metalcraft Precision, Process Pump Solutions and MCE Electrical, across  3 different sites in the UK.

The companies within the Metalcraft Europe umbrella required access to the data produced by all of the companies, both on site and remotely.


With the new network setup installed by Scarlat Logitech data can now be access anywhere via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) home or office and provides remote access to office PC’s and emails for staff wherever they are working from.

The new infrastructure has huge benefits to the business, minimizing wasted man hours looking for files, documents and resources or having to travel to different locations. Data all stored in single place for all 5 companies has increased business productivity and efficiency.


In this crazy world of IT, it’s good to have IT backup you can count on!


Ian has always provided great prompt service to all my IT needs. I happily recommend you to give Ian a try to assist with all your IT needs!

Peter Worth JP

Redbeck Motel