Online Backup

Online Backup

Data is the core of your business. Emails, client records, documents, invoices, this is all data you cannot function without. The cost of down time alone can run into tens of thousands of pounds. At Scarlat Logitech we have dedicated servers securely storing your data 24/7, so in an emergency we can help you restore everything you’ve lost.


Back ups

Dedicated servers securely storing your data 24/7, so you don’t need to worry


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You’ll find a completely customisable IT solution bespoke to your business



Flexible and scalable IT infrastructures using the latest Microsoft technology

We’ve got your back!

We hope you’ll never need your backup, but if you do, we’ll make sure that restoring your business to normal working order is as smooth a process as possible. At Scarlat Logitech we provide online backup solutions, for a wide range of businesses and industries, ensuring that your specific security and backup requirements are always met. What we’re trying to say is, we’ve got your back!

We've got your back

Do you want to know how Scarlat Logitech can help?

Backup your business

With the perfect backup in place for your business, you can relax knowing your data is safely stored and that if the worst happens, your data will be safe. With our bespoke online backup solution, we provide you with a tailored online storage facility, to ensure your data is safe, secure and accessible when you need it.

At Scarlat Logitech we use SolarWinds as our online backup solution. It provides astonishing flexibility and a powerful backup engine, combined with ease of use and excellent support.  We are committed to bringing our customers the best within managed services, SolarWinds is an important part of that commitment, with data centres only in the UK.


Scarlat Logitech is not just a facility for you to store your data, we are fully managed service, and the key benefits are:

  • Daily Backup Monitoring – For successful and complete backups
  • Monthly Usage Reports – If needed
  • Manual Monthly Monitoring – For full restore to check all backups are correct
  • Notifications – Via email of excessive data storage
  • High Level Compression – Achieves up to 95% compression which means we can compress more than most data storage companies keeping costs low

Case Study


Fountain Dental Services


Fountain Dental Services almost experienced a calamitous data loss due to an outdated method of backing up data. The practice used to do manual daily backups that was stored on a portable hard drive at the office. However, staff would forget to do it or it failed but staff were unaware that it had failed.

With the old backup 1000s of patient records that would have been impossible to replace if there was a significant failure. To ensure that this couldn’t happen in the future Scarlat Logitech set up a bespoke overnight backup solution for the practice.


We setup a brand new overnight backup solution that allowed for data to be stored off site in a secure remote data centre hosted in the UK, ensuring that it met all of the GDPR compliance. The automatic solution provided a turn on and forget solution for Fountains Dental Services.

The new backup solution is supported by an email notification on a daily basis to ensure that the backup has taken place. This system provides peace of mind to all at the practice as well as removing the need for staff members to start a manual backup every day.


In this crazy world of IT, it’s good to have IT backup you can count on!


Ian has always provided great prompt service to all my IT needs. I happily recommend you to give Ian a try to assist with all your IT needs!

Peter Worth JP

Redbeck Motel